Thursday, July 22, 2010

Party Planning mode!

Gabriel turned 7 months yesterday. So I have decided it is time for some party planing! I found others blogs SO helpful and decided to make my own to share ideas.
I want plenty of time to get good ideas for his FIRST birthday. I have decided to go with the big dots first birthday theme.
I custom ordered a cute outfit, from etsy sock monkey shop,for his day, seems to match his theme pretty well.
I have been looking around on the internet for decorating ideas and love the banners people have made, so I made this banner:

I am in love with this DIY balloon wreath!
This is now my current project. Hope it turns out as cute as this one!


  1. Welcome to my merry band of stalkers! I'm going to shamelessly plug some 1st birthday posts to help you get the ball rolling...

  2. that is so awesome! makes me wanna make a wreath too! im in the process of planning my mommas 50th birthday with my sisters. so, happy planning! :)

  3. thanks for popping over to pbd! party planning is soooo crazy fun!